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Aap Jaisa Koi (Qurbani) guitar chords lyrics


G   Am   G   Am D
the bass riff

G         Em       G            Em
aap jaisa koi meri zindagi mein aye

   Am                  G
to baat ban jaye, haan haan, baat ban jaye

Em           G   Em           G
phool ko bahaar, bahaar ko chaman,

Em/G   G      G        D
dil ko dil, badan ko badan

G                Em
har kisi ko chahiye tan ka milan

C             Am       D           Em
kaash muzhpar aisa dil aap ka bhi aaye

   Am                       G
to baat ban jaye, haan haan baat ban jaye

G   Am   G   Am G Em D

Mein ishq hi chahu, farishta nahin
Dar hai bahak na jaon kahin
Tanha dil na samzhega, Pyaar bina ye khatkega
Aap sa kahan hai, Dil aap ko hi paye
To baat ban jaye, Aahaa baat ban jaye

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